“Into the Air.”

How a Group of Men In 1907 Inspired the Selection of our Organization’s Name

Just as our PHOENIX / AEA associates would like to see Vintage Old Timer Model Airplanes Back “Into the Air,” there was another dedicated group of men not so long ago taking steps for the first time to do just that.

In 1907 Alexander Graham Bell assembled a group of men “. . . for the purpose of. . . solving the flying-machine problem.” The name of the group was called the Aerial Experiment Association or A.E.A. Along with AGB, the men included Frederick (Casey) Walker Baldwin, J. A. Douglas McCurdy, Thomas Selfridge, and Glenn Curtiss. The association was composed of mostly Canadian men with Glenn Curtiss the exception being a U.S. citizen.

In Bell’s own words —”I think therefore that the progress of the experiments will be greatly promoted and the world benefited if these young men who are now temporarily associated with me can be given some personal inducement to continue co-operation together in accomplishing the great object we have in common—to get into the air.

Just like this group of amazing men,
we have dedicated ourselves to our own
Modern Day Initiative.

Our PHOENIX / Aerial Experimental Association was formed with the sole purpose of restoring as many Vintage Old-Timer Stick and Tissue Model Airplanes to their former glory as plausibly possible but with the notable distinction of transforming them from rubber power to Electric Power A.K.A. Electric-Assist.

The first powered flight on Canadian soil took place in Nova Scotia, on 23 February 1909 when J.A.D. McCurdy flew the Silver Dart.

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Below is a Gallery / Slide Show featuring the Aerial Experiment Association.

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It is with great honor and inspiration that we have incorporated the original A.E.A.’s name into ours.

To learn more about this courageous group of men, the author of this web page, Jeff Nisley,
recommends a newly published book on this subject entitled:

For more about how our association ties in to these Aviation Pioneers, visit our webpage
PHOENIX / Aerial Experimental Association Explained.

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